SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Last-minute Christmas shoppers are on the hunt to secure their final gifts.

Springfield store managers said Monday is the start of a crazy week for sales.

“I’ve got stocking stuffers and emergency gifts for people I didn’t know were coming out,” said Kayla Powell.

Powell maneuvered her way through Bass Pro Shops with her hands full of items.

However, she said shopping the week of Christmas isn’t something she minds.

“It’s easier that way because I work well under pressure,” said Powell.

Bass Pro Shops said they have been preparing for this last-minute Christmas rush.

“We’ve been busy, but it’s just one of those things that you kind of expect this time of year,” said Pete Duchrow with Bass Pro. “It’s a really cool place to come and make memories. A lot of people are doing it this week.”

Things also stayed busy over at The Plant Room. 

“I mean, it’s Monday, but it’s starting out crazy,” said Co-Owner Emma Fear.