SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – As Domestic Violence Awareness Month continues, the annual ‘Stop the Violence Conference’ was held on Wednesday in Springfield. The conference was aimed at increasing awareness about domestic violence and the resources available to victims.

Several organizations, including the Springfield Police Department, Harmony House, and Missouri State University, joined hands to raise awareness about domestic violence, including physical, emotional, sexual, and cyber abuse. The event organizers emphasized that help is available, and there is hope for victims.

According to the Springfield Police Department, they have responded to over a thousand domestic violence incidents this year alone. Sergeant Chris Rasmussen, who leads the Domestic Violence Unit of the Springfield Police Department, has witnessed firsthand how domestic violence affects the community. He emphasized that lives can be saved through learning about available resources.

“It’s gut-wrenching sometimes when you go to those calls, and you know it’s bad, and you can’t convince that person to get the help they need. And all you really can do is do the best you can within the law,” Sergeant Rasmussen said.

Kenzie Seay, a Missouri State University student, who also attended the conference, stressed the importance of bringing awareness.

“The most important part is just bringing awareness. It’s important for victims to know that there are options and that there are a lot of resources. And this isn’t just like a private matter is. A lot of people would believe it’s something that a lot of people need to know about and know that they can get help,” Seay said.

The ‘Stop the Violence Conference’ was a reminder that domestic violence is a serious issue that needs more attention and resources. It was an opportunity for the community to unite and stand in solidarity with victims of domestic violence.