SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — After a year of canceling shows and then moving, the Blue Room Comedy Club has finally opened its doors again.

The club is now located on College Street right across from the Hollywood Theatres.

“We’re really excited to be at this location and Springfield, Missouri has supported us since the beginning,” said Christopher Richele, owner of the Blue Room Comedy Club. “We know that everybody will have a good time once they see the facility.”

The club went from sharing a space with Billiards which closed a couple of months into the COVID-19 pandemic to the “Riff” to finally have its own building. There is now a lounge and a showroom and it will have a full schedule every week.

Richele says he wanted Springfield to have a place that offers live entertainment to all ages. So, he is sharing his venue with a recording studio called “In the Box” and a kid’s entertainment group called “Princesses of the 417.”

Kayla Buecker, the owner of Princesses of the 417, offers actors and actresses to perform in costume for children’s birthday parties and special events.

“We really plan to feed off to each other’s audiences,” said Buecker. “So, they’ll have their comedy shows in the evening and we’ll probably have our events during the daytime. So, we hope that we can encourage the parents to stay afterward and enjoy some comedy after their kid’s event.”

Richele says it’s important to have a comedy venue because a community that laughs together, stays together.