SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The city of Springfield is getting ready to move forward with a project to open up Jordan Creek.

The “Renew Jordan Creek” project has long been talked about, but the city is just now considering the purchase of some land to make the project happen.

This beautification project will hopefully allow for more recreation and amenities in the downtown area.

There is a part of the creek that hasn’t seen daylight in nearly 100 years. The creek was encapsulated under Water Street downtown in concrete box culverts nearly a century ago as a solution for flooding issues.

Now, Springfield said its main goal is to address flooding.

“As the city grew and developed, it was a source of fresh water to begin with,” said John Sellars, the executive director of History Museum on the Square. “Every time it would rain, it would run off the pavement and everything and fill it up and it would rain down here and flood the whole downtown business area.”

The city says the master plan for the project is wrapping up and will likely be presented to the Springfield City Council in June.