SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – In a shocking incident on North National Avenue, a Springfield woman named Candace Bergei was severely injured when a man deliberately rammed his car into her. The victim expressed her fear and concern that if he could target her, who will be his next victim?

Candace Bergei, who hopes that her attacker is found soon, disclosed that the incident has not only left her physically injured but has also taken a toll on her emotionally and financially. The attack has left her struggling to work and burdened with hospital bills. She expressed her frustration, feeling that her case is being ignored and swept under the rug.

The incident occurred back in August when Jamey Morehouse, a former co-worker of Bergei’s, allegedly ran his vehicle towards her and struck her, pinning her to a work truck. Bergei stated that during the attack, Morehouse threatened her by saying, “Girl, you’re going to die today.” 

Bergei thought she could lose her leg or even her life in the attack. She was fortunate to have survived with her leg intact, though she still faces physical and emotional trauma from the incident. She considers herself lucky to be able to walk around today.

On August 21, Morehouse was located and taken to police headquarters for questioning. However, he was later released. It is unclear why Morehouse was not held in custody despite the severity of the crime. The next day, prosecutors filed charges against him, but he has yet to be apprehended.

Candace Bergei is urging authorities to take action against Morehouse, emphasizing that he ran her over with a car and could have killed her. As a mother, she expressed the gravity of the situation, stating that her life flashed before her eyes during the attack.

Bergei hopes that justice will be served soon, providing closure and peace of mind after the traumatic incident.