SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – This weather created dangerous conditions around the Ozarks.

Snow plow crews are making their rounds, treating roads with salt and chemicals to make things easier on drivers.

Kent wood and his wife Tammi Wood, owners of Performance Lawn Care, say they have been responding to calls since midnight.

“I’ve been doing this for 24 years, and I got a little bit scared because of the freeze,” said Wood.

They told Ozarksfirst.com while these main roads might look like they’re clear, there’s still a danger of ice that you can’t see.

“It’s a dull-looking color. Okay, But it’s ice. You can’t see it,” said Wood. “You step on the brake, that’s part of the worst possible thing you can do on the ice. You will go in the direction where your tires were and you will not have any control.”

The road might look like it’s safe, but plow companies are still advising drivers to take their time when driving in these conditions.

“When you’re coming up to a stop, always almost triple your stopping distance, if not even more so coming up to a stoplight,” said Wood.