SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Springfield School District is currently working on plans for a new Pipkin school after receiving approval from voters for a bond issue in April. However, the proposed site for the $53 million project raises safety concerns for students.

The 20.9-acre parcel of land in the 3200 block of East Pythian Street is zoned for heavy manufacturing and is situated in an industrial part of the city. The location is next door to a chemical manufacturing plant, and trains frequently pass through the area.

Former school board member Ralph Plank expressed concern, stating, “This is really putting a hardship on students and parents to try to, you know, walk that far to this location. And then it’s next door to 3-M, which, you know, it’s a chemical manufacturing plant. The trains go through there all the time.”

The school board is taking the time to hear the community’s concerns and has not made any final decisions on the new school’s location.

Stephen Hall, the SPS spokesperson, said “They chose to allow more time for the public to weigh in, more time for us to listen and consider feedback. I can assure you that the board is listening, and they are taking the feedback that has been shared, and they are using that to make an ultimate decision.”