SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A recent controversy has arisen in Springfield Public Schools over the distribution of pocket Constitutions to eighth-grade students. Greene County Moms for Liberty requested to distribute these booklets, but the school district rejected their request due to the branding and marketing of a specific organization on the outside. The district’s decision was not based on the contents of the booklets. 

According to Stephen Hall, spokesperson for Springfield Public Schools, “We believe it’s essential that our students receive a well-rounded education in civics and social studies. However, we also have a policy that requires us to maintain consistency with any outside organization seeking to send information home with students.” 

The QR code, website, and branding for a specific organization on the outside of the pocket Constitutions are the reasons why Springfield Public Schools denied the group’s request to directly market their materials to students. 

Instead, the school district suggested placing the booklets on a community table with flyers, provided that a disclaimer is added stating that the school district does not endorse them. Moms for Liberty has raised concerns, claiming that this undermines the importance of teaching the Constitution. 

The school board policy states that materials given to students must be curriculum-related, district-sponsored, or from groups affiliated with the district.