SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Efforts are being made to turn Jarrett Middle School, a school building under construction, into a STEAM academy. STEAM is for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

This idea was brought up right after voters approved Proposition S back in 2019, but planning got delayed because of the pandemic.

The bond issue allowed funding for Jarrett Middle School, and a new building is a good opportunity to explore new programs like STEAM.

If people decide to take the STEAM approach, the building will not need to be redesigned. Curriculum will still include all of the Missouri learning standards that are required, but taught through a more specific lens.

“You really provide kids also an opportunity to explore the creative side of education, and so that’s going to be a nice balance between that STEM approach and then also be able to bring in the creative aspect as well,” said Kelsey Brabo, coordinator of Choice Programs for Springfield Public School.

This is very early on in the planning process, but Brabo says the immediate next step is to start researching, then plan what they want STEAM to look like at Jarrett and go from there.