SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield Police are targeting ten intersections with the most injury crashes, hoping to get the numbers down. 

“We’re stopping cars for speeding, maybe running, red lights following too close,” Sgt. Steve Ramey said. “The theory behind that is the more cars that you stop, the less crashes that you’ll have.” 

The ten intersections are where a combined 129 crashes happened in 2020. 

The intersections are Campbell/Battlefield, Campbell/Walnut Lawn, Campbell/Republic, Campbell/Grand, Campbell/Sunset, Kansas Expressway/Grand, Kansas Expressway/Kearney, Kansas Expressway/Elfindale, Kansas Expressway/Bennett, and Glenstone/Division. 

Sgt. Ramey says the new approach has seen early success. 

“Within its inception, within the first six months, our traffic crashes reduced by 8%.” Ramey said. 

For Jamie Tillman, owner of Canna Bliss on Republic Road, just east of Campbell, she says that’s good news. 

“A lot of times the crashes are at Campbell and Republic Road intersection,” Tillman said. “You also get people that will drive in the turn lane all the way from National all the way down, and that’s a very dangerous problem,” 

Tillman says a larger focus can help the long term. 

“I think it’s wise. I see more accidents at this Campbell area than probably anywhere else in Springfield.” Tillman said.  

Sgt. Ramey says there is a multitude of factors in these crashes. 

“People are just on their cell phones. They’re not paying attention. They’re running red lights.” Ramey said. 

“You definitely got to stop, slow down, get off the phones, and watch what you’re doing,” Tillman said. 

Ramey says their solution is to educate through enforcement.  

“Stopping these people and educating them on what they’re doing, that’s our approach here in traffic,” Ramey said. “We’re not here to punish in any way, but it’s more to educate and let these people know that you got to slow down a little bit, stay off your phone.”