SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -The Springfield Police Department is investigating a fatal shooting at a Walmart Neighborhood Market on S. Glenstone and E. Bennett.

According to SPD Lt. Steve Schwind, the shooting happened around 12:30 p.m. when a man approached another man in a white van in front of the store. There was an altercation that led to the driver shooting 33-year-old Tanner L. Stichka and killing him. Police are unsure at this time what led to the altercation.

Schwind says the man who shot Stichka is working with investigators to provide a statement on what happened.

According to Schwind, there were some witnesses of the shooting who may have left. Police say if anyone saw the shooting and left, please call SPD to provide a statement.

There is no current danger to the community. Walmart will remain closed to the public while the investigation continues.