SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – People who live in Springfield said they’re starting to notice many cars being towed downtown.

It comes after some organizations have started to strictly enforce who can park in their lots.

One of those is the YMCA, which in March started to tow cars that do not have a parking sticker.

The organization said they did so after increased frustration from actual YMCA members.

Those with the Downtown Springfield Association said the uptick in cars being towed is showing a need for more education surrounding parking.

“We’ll have new branding at the entrances of some of these lots to help guide folks and be pushing them to what options are available, particularly on the perimeter,” said Rusty Worley, DSA Executive Director. “Several folks may not know that we have entities like the First Baptist Church and the Downtown Church that allow guests to park there, as long as they’re not there on Sunday mornings.”

Rebecca Wilson said at least 20 students, including her son, from Central High School, had their cars towed while attending prom downtown.

“A lot of the lights in the garage were not working,” said Wilson. “If you’ve got a sign, but it’s not visible and it’s not lit and it’s not big, then it can be hard to know if it’s public parking.”

Worley said the city is looking to do a parking study.

“I think it will outline that we have really good facilities in the west and north ends of downtown, but the southeast quadrant is underserved for the amount of activity that we have in that area,” said Worley.

To learn more about where to park downtown, click here. https://www.itsalldowntown.com/getting-around/