SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — In a recent round-up in the Wall Street Journal, Springfield nabbed the top spot on a list of cities that are great for remote workers.

The WSJ article identified cities with qualities people say they want most when working remotely. Springfield’s low cost of living, broadband internet access and local entertainment contributed to the city landing at the top of the list.

The Missouri Job Center tells KOLR10 those seeking new employment are often choosing jobs where they can work from the comfort of their own homes.

Even more people are looking for remote work since the beginning of the pandemic because in many cases, all you need is a computer and internet access.

The Missouri Job Center says people are attracted to these jobs because of the freedom they provide.

“Workers are looking for kind of more flexibility and freedom with their schedules and so remote work kind of fills the bill,” said Katherine Trombetta, a spokesperson with the Missouri Job Center.

Another reason people find it cost-effective to stay here is because the cost of living in Springfield is 11 percent less than the national average – it makes a difference when it comes to expenses.

“You do save money on things like gas. You save also on clothing purchases that you might have to make, you know, to wear to work, or you know, just those types of living expenses that we all kind of overlook sometimes,” Trombetta said.

Missouri is ranked the sixth lowest cost of living state in the United States.

“We also have a relatively low cost of living, especially compared to the east or west coasts, and that is especially appealing to families,” Trombetta said. “I think all of those things play into Springfield being one of the highest-ranked cities for remote work.”