SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Springfield’s only medical marijuana dispensary opened back up today for the first time since running out of product nearly a month ago.

Ozarks First’s David Chasanov saw about 40 cars bumper to bumper at one point. Customer Solon Williams said, “I thought maybe there was a wreck or something.”

When asked if the wait was worth it, Williams said “For me? Yes. Unlike what I used to get, used to put me to sleep, This doesn’t. It gives me energy. It makes me feel good. It really lowers my blood pressure.” Williams continued, “Because that can kill me. I’m talking about my blood pressure can get up to 200 real easy.”

Fortunately for Williams, another product at the dispensary is just now coming out that can help him with that: Edibles.

Helen Cobb, General Manager of Old Route 66 Wellness, told us “It’s a different method of delivery to ingest your cannabis. And the gummies are made with a distillate. The infused beverages are a very similar method of making them and it’s just a different way to ingest cannabis.”

Cobb says edibles can be a different experience from smoking. “We encourage people to take it very slowly especially those that are new to edibles. But they tend to last a bit longer in folks. It’s just a lovely method of getting medicine into you, and we’re excited they’re finally here.”

People new to edibles are encouraged to start with only a microdose – or five milligrams at most. “The gummies that we have are currently 10-milligram doses,” said Cobb. “We’re suggesting for people new to this that they split it up and eat either a half or a quarter. And start very slowly. Give it about anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours for the full effect.”

The dispensary already ran out of product. It says on a Facebook post it won’t be open tomorrow.

As for the future of a dispensary that has had supply issues, Cobb stated “It’s truly just a waiting game. But we are seeing things start to ease up. We fully expect that within the next month or two things will be coming much more consistently.”