UPDATE 2/23/23 — Boehner was sentenced to nine years in prison for a felony charge.

In a Feb. 21 plea deal, Boehner pleaded guilty to the single felony count of delivery of a controlled substance. The prostitution charge was dropped.

Due to being a “prior and persistent offender,” Boehner was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Original story, published on Jan. 3:

DALLAS COUNTY, Mo. — A Springfield man was arrested for allegedly carrying meth and soliciting a prostitute on Christmas.

Michael Boehner, 47, of Springfield, was arrested on Dec. 26 and formally charged with a felony count of delivery of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor count of patronizing prostitution.

According to a Buffalo Police Department report, an officer was on Facebook “masquerading as an adult female” as a decoy. Boehner allegedly messaged the decoy on Dec. 15:

Boehner: “what’s up wanna [expletive] and make some cash.”

Decoy: “some cash?”

Boehner: “yeah 100 bucks u interested”

Decoy: “what I gotta do?”

Boehner gave an explicit answer, adding that he wanted the decoy to “get high.”

The decoy and Boehner exchanged numbers and began texting for days. On Dec. 23, just before midnight, Boehner suggested that they meet up and make it a weekly occurrence. The officer-backed decoy told Boehner that he would have to bring condoms, to which Boehner agreed.

Around 8:45 p.m. on Christmas Day, Boehner gave a Buffalo address to the decoy and made plans to meet them there. The officer showed up and arrested Boehner. A vehicle search resulted in a cloth bag under the hood that held a pipe and a plastic bag with a substance that appeared to be meth. There was an unopened box of condoms in the passenger seat.

Boehner told the officer that the pipe and meth were his and that he had planned on using the drug with the decoy. He also told the officer that the deal was $100 for the decoy to have sex with him.

Boehner’s next court date is a criminal setting in the Dallas County Courthouse in Buffalo on Jan. 3.