SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Some serious cash could soon be in someone’s pockets. As the Mega Millions jackpot has now reached one billion.

The drawing will happen on Tuesday. And many are looking to win.

Tuesday’s jackpot is the third largest of all time. There hasn’t been a winner since October, which has driven the jackpot up.

With all that money, some worry about being able to stay anonymous.

“I would definitely keep it anonymous. I definitely wouldn’t want anyone to know that I’ve won that, you know, amount of money.” Said lottery player john Hoit.

But for some states, that isn’t an option.

Everyone has a different idea of how they would use the money. For some, spending it isn’t a top priority.

Others say they would use the money for a bigger purpose.

“I would probably help certain local charities, you know, and just kind of go from there,” said Hoit. “It would be awesome, you know, to help out, you know, people in my community and, you know, Springfield area.”