SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Governor Mike Parson expressed he doesn’t want government employees going door-to-door in his state to urge people to get vaccinated.

However, Interim Director of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, Katie Towns, says this has been a practice done years before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Door-to-door approach is an age-old public health practice,” said Towns. “Greene County has used door-to-door representatives for years and we will continue to do so. We have members of the community we serve, so people who look just like us will be showing up to possibly talk about vaccines and to answer questions.”

The U.S. government is deploying a COVID-19 surge team to southwest Missouri because of the surge of COVID-19 cases lately. The surge of Covid-19 cases has become so high that hospitals in Springfield began transferring patients infected with the virus to other facilities.

Towns explained one surge team member of the U.S. Government is in Springfield and will be analyzing COVID-19 cases to help the Springfield-Greene County Health Department with ways to combat the surge.

“There has been alot of questions about the surge team,” said Towns. “We have one person who has been deployed from the CDC to come in and help us analyze the data around this variant and how it is spreading. She will also study which populations it is hitting most. The plan and scope of the project are still being established, and we are hoping to have that wrapped up sometime this week. We do have an additional person who will be working with us. Helping us with different avenues for communicating, tailoring messages, helping people understand and overcome hesitancy that might still exist.”