SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Missouri College of Cosmetology has closed.

If you call the hair care based institution, you’re prompted with a voicemail greeting that begins, “Thank you for calling the Missouri College of Cosmetology. Unfortunately, after 40-plus years, the Missouri College of Cosmetology closed its doors on Monday, March 13th, 2023.”

Those in the industry say the closure is sad news.

“When I went to school 25 years ago, it was the only school in Springfield where you could go and get your cosmetology license,” said Heather Heinrichs with The Coven Collective. “It’s been around a really long time; I was really sad to hear that it’s closed.”

Heinrichs says it’s normal to see hair schools fold in a market with several other institutions competing for students.

“For every one school that closes, another one opens,” Heinrichs said. “The Regency studio, like the school, it closed, and then, you know, Paul Mitchell kind of picked up with that. I am sad that it’s closed, but at the same time it’s also like there’s just, it’s kind of oversaturated.”

Another stylist KOLR10 spoke to says the oversaturation could be solved with methods outside the United States.

“The competition is just so strong. It’s just tough to survive,” said Victor Henson with The Clip Joint.

“You know, I wish it was more governed, more like in Europe, where you would have to get an apprenticeship in order to get into any business like hair. If no one would take you on as an apprentice, then obviously that field is covered, the market’s covered,” Henson said.

Henson says he’s familiar with the owner of the Missouri College of Cosmetology.

“I know Jeff and [he’s a] good guy. Great guy,” Henson said “[He] would give you the shirt off his back. I feel bad that it went under. I honestly do.”

The two tell KOLR10 there are options out there for students affected by the closure.

“I can tell you right now, one [option] is apprentice at the salon of their choice. It takes twice as long, but you’re learning from someone that wants their reputation out there,” Henson said. “If Missouri Cosmetology had students that were still enrolled in school, that were going to school, more than likely other cosmetology schools will help out and pick up those students.”

KOLR10 reached out to the owner of the Missouri College of Cosmetology for comment regarding the closure, but at the time of publication had not heard back.