SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield City Council will vote Monday on whether to let voters decide on a recreational marijuana tax. 

“A question as to whether to impose an additional sales tax of 3% on the retail sales of adult-use or what we call recreational marijuana.” City Manager Jason Gage said during a Tuesday lunch with council members.” 

It’ll be in the form of an emergency bill to put the measure before voters at the August 8, 2023, election. 

It’s a tax that local dispensaries like Terrabis have been expecting. 

“Part of the reason that medical marijuana started, and recreational marijuana came on after that has been the tax incentive for municipalities, both large and small.” General Manager Brian King said. 

King says their company remains impartial on the issue. 

“We understand that the city might want [this] and all localities might want to enact some sort of recreational tax,” King said. 

I talked to a local consumer who says even if the product is more expensive, it’s better than alternatives. 

“It is a little unfortunate that you have to pay more money, but in the, in the long run, it’s better than going to jail for marijuana.” the buyer said. 

The city says the tax would fund public safety, housing as well as substance-abuse and mental health services. 

“That seems like a reasonable cause for taxes. I mean you can fix the roads and send people where they need to be for their health, you know? That’s cool.” The consumer told KOLR 10. 

King says they’re not worried about a dip in sales if the tax is passed. 

“I don’t see any reason why our business would decline because of that specific tax,” King said. “I don’t think that 3% tax here would make anybody not come here.” 

This tax would only affect recreational sales and not medical. 

“We’re really, really happy to talk to anybody about their opportunities to become a medical patient and help them walk through the steps to do that,” King said. 

Regarding the idea of trying to purchase marijuana for medicinal purposes, the consumer KOLR 10 spoke to said, “if it saves me money in the long run, I’m going to smoke regardless, so. Yeah. If it saves me money in the long run. Sure. Yeah, I would.”