SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Springfield city leaders are voicing a difference of opinions on the city’s Grant Avenue Parkway Project and how it should be designed.

This $26 million roadway construction project will build a walk and bike pathway from Bass Pro Shops to downtown. However, City Councilman Richard Ollis says it needs to be more than just a walkway.

“It’s going to be a corridor like we’ve never built in our community,” said Ollis.

The focus of the 3-mile stretch of trail will be to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow, bring economic development opportunities and revitalize the communities between downtown Springfield and Wonders of Wildlife.

“How cool is it that there may be potentially anyway, shopping, a brewery, a coffee shop, and all those amenities we all love to have in our neighborhood along that corridor? We need to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can to try to promote that,” said Ollis.

Ollis says the area for the project has one of the strictest design standards in Springfield.

“I support those design standards. But we also need to work with people that want to develop along there, to try to figure out how we implement those design standards,” says Ollis.

The councilman says along with a beautiful treeline and walkway, the project needs to spark redevelopment for that area.

“We need to have an open door in trying to work through any issues that come up with those design standards,” says Ollis.

“Ultimately, it’ll be transportation improvements, economic development efforts, quality of life improvements, community revitalization efforts,” says Cora Scott with the City of Springfield.

The city is accepting any feedback or suggestions about the project. The project will be featured in City Council next Monday. The council will vote whether or not to accept the “gap collaborative” as the official contractor.