SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A Springfield author made the New York Times bestseller list for a second time.
Co-written by acclaimed author James Patterson, Nancy Allen’s “The Jailhouse Lawyer” made the number two spot on the list.

Allen worked at the Greene county prosecutors’ office, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, and got her law degree at the University of Missouri in 1980.

When she came back to Springfield, Allen was one of a handful of women who began practicing law.

“The jailhouse lawyer is a book that was co-authored by James Patterson, the most successful author in the world, as co-authored, me, Nancy Allen from Springfield MO,” said Allen.

The jailhouse lawyer is two full-length novels in one book.

“I was on board at Harper Collins,” said Allen.

That’s where she met a young editor who got her foot in the door.

The editor later became part of the James Patterson team, “she called me a while later and said I’m at my new job, and I’m part of the James Patterson team, and Mr. Patterson wants to do a southern legal thriller, and he’d be interested in working with you. And if you would be interested in working with him? And I said yeah!”

Allen’s first book with James Patterson, “Juror #3” clenched the number one spot back in 2018.

But Allen may not have been able to fully enjoy the honor at that time, “Seeing your name in the number one spot on the new york times best sellers list, Frances, it flipped me out! I went to lock myself in my bedroom that night and couldn’t come out.”

But this time, “It was fabulous, it was just like, bliss washing over me,” said Allen, “this time with jailhouse lawyer, #2, I enjoyed it so much, my husband and I went out with our two dear friends, we went out to dinner in downtown Springfield on Walnut street, we popped a cork and drank a bottle of champagne. I didn’t lock myself in a room and flip out this time, so yes, progress.”