SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield city council passed a bill Monday night that allows almost 2 million dollars to create both community and individual homeless shelters in Springfield. 

“What we’re doing now is we got the approval to drop off the requirement for non-congregate,” City of Springfield’s grant administrator Bob Jones said. “And those funds are going to go out on the street in the next couple of weeks.” 

The passage of the bill allows the funds to be used for both community-style shelters and shelters designed for individuals and families. 

The money comes from APRA funds designated for homeless assistance as well as a portion of a grant from the US Treasury Department. 

The community identified housing and shelters as some of the major needs for homeless assistance.

“they [the community] identified affordable rental housing. They have identified shelter as two of the top things that were essential in those programs.” Jones said.

Many local organizations will be able to apply for the funds. 

“A variety of people out there that could be using it,” Jones said. “Council of Churches operates a shelter called Safe to Sleep for Women and that kind of thing. The Salvation Army has a shelter, in different places, and they have plans to expand their shelter operations as well.” 

The City of Springfield will be releasing more information about how organizations can apply for these funds in the coming weeks.

Diana Summers was at Veterans Coming Home Center, a daytime shelter in Springfield. She said she’s happy about the city’s plans because it can be difficult to find shelter. 

 “It’s been very hard for me to find homeless shelters here in Springfield,” Summers said. “A lot of people don’t accept me because of my background and stuff like that so it’s been very hard for me.”