SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Springfield Police Department tweeted a crime update Wednesday highlighting assaults in East and Central Springfield.

According to the tweet from SPD, seven of these assaults included teenagers shooting Orbeez to complete a TikTok challenge.

The tweet states, “Challenges of this nature are dangerous and should never be attempted.”

On April 12, SPD took a teenager into custody on suspicion of firing water pellets at drivers. Police say the juvenile had an Orbeez weapon.

Lt. Tonya Price with the Springfield Police Department explained that Orbeez pellets are filled with gel and they expand when soaked in water. Then those pellets can be put in guns.

Lt. Price said her advice for parents is to keep an eye on social media trends.

“Don’t just turn a blind eye to it but be involved with your kids, talk to your kids and let them know that these can be harmful events,” Price said. “It’s not just good fun. It can get somebody hurt and get them in trouble.”