BRANSON, Mo. — A major change is coming to what is known as Branson’s first show.

The famous Baldknobbers after-show manager, Brandon Mabe, fired his father, Tim Mabe.

Tim played a character named ‘Droopy Drawers’ in the show.

Brandon, Tim and his wife, Patty Mabe, posted their feelings about the family shake-up on Facebook.

Patty wrote asking for prayers because they had just recently filed bankruptcy trying to keep another of their businesses going.

She continued to write that she was in shock and grieving not only for Tim losing the job he loved but for the loss of a 60-year-old legacy and legend, Droopy Drawers.

In response to the posts by his parents, Brandon posted that he loves his father and that every decision is made with the best interest of the family, business, partners and cast.

Fans and friends of the Baldknobbers are passionately coming out on different sides of the issue on social media

“I don’t know all the gist about it,” said Dee Dee Sanders, a Branson resident. “But, I just feel sad because they’re one of our founding families and I hate that something like this would have to happen.”

“I’ve worked with the family for most of my life and it’s really hard,” said MaryAnn Rivero, Branson resident. “Unless you’re right in the middle of it you don’t really know what to do.”