TURNERS, Mo.- Big retailers had the day with Black Friday yesterday, but today was about the small business, and one community made sure to give local small the support they deserve.

At Turner Stations Small Business Saturday event, they had over 30 local vendors who operate small businesses around the Ozarks. 

An eclectic mix of vendors and items is on display to celebrate goods made in the Ozarks at Turner’s Station

“There’s been people coming in and out all day buying all the little knickknacks that Jill has had on sale today.” said vendor James Wilder.

Supporting those businesses that make a difference in the community. Everything from local beef, crafts, stained glass, and photography.

“It puts the focus more on local businesses, small businesses.” said Tuners Station Owner Jill Elsey Stoner, “We have everything from soaps and local honey-painted items. We have bakery items, we have candy items. They’re local, their items are. And you won’t find these items anywhere else.”

Small Business Saturday, which takes place over the holiday weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a day used to encourage to shop locally rather than at big chains.

“You can’t find a lot of this stuff on the computer tomorrow. I’ll give you that,” said Wilder.

This tradition started 12 years ago by American Express to help support small businesses in the area.

“It is a nationwide day to celebrate small business. We started it the same year they did. It’s been a great thing to do for all these years.” said Stoner.

Every year since it started US sales on Small Business Saturday have exceeded years past. Last year and shoppers sent more than 23 billion dollars.

“We have about 30 different vendors that we represent year-round, and this is the day for us to get the word out that they are here,” said Stoner.