NIXA, Mo. – A Nixa store has seen a sharp spike in shovel sales ahead of the snowstorm set to hit Missouri Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.

With several inches of snow expected for much of the state, customers are stocking up on snow removal tools and ways to enjoy the snow day with their kids.

Nixa Hardware and Seed Company said they have seen a sharp increase in shovel, ice melt, wood fuel pellet, and sled sales over the past day.

“We’ve restocked these shovels twice and sleds twice. I think everybody is getting ready to start shoveling and start sledding! We’re just fortunate enough to be here to help the community and help the people around us to provide the shovels, and the sleds for the kids, and the ice melt for the people that need it,” said Nixa Hardware employee Chris Roach.

The store delivers shovels and ice melt for those who can’t make it to the store during the storm and said they want to ensure the safety of their customers by providing these tools for them.