SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield City Council met Monday night to vote on two business construction projects that have been the subject of some debate.

One project would bring a 7 Brew coffee shop near Sunshine Street and Jefferson Avenue. The city council voted against approving a conditional-use permit for a drive-through business, citing concerns about increased traffic. The 7 Brew would have been built across the street from an elementary school and a church. However, the city council approved that one acre of the previously residential area could be zoned for other commercial use.

The other project would bring apartment complexes to an unused lot in Galloway Village. The city council unanimously voted in favor of this project, allowing the area to be developed for more rental housing. The area is almost eight acres along 3900 South Lone Pine Avenue. Small shops may also be built in the area.

Melanie Bach, the president of the Galloway Village Neighborhood Association, said that the developers of the apartment projects focused on winning the approval of the residents of the neighborhood.