Mo. — Missouri’s medical marijuana industry is coming together a little more every day and senator Roy Blunt tells us he hopes U.S. lawmakers make it easier for businesses to operate.

Back in September, members of the U.S. House approved the Safe Banking Act.

Since marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, this act would make sure banks aren’t punished for taking money from a marijuana business operating in a state where it’s legal.

Sen. Roy Blunt explained to US Today that he hopes the head of the Senate Banking Committee makes moves to send it to the president’s desk.

The senator says his main concern is safety:

“You’re just asking for more problems, in an industry frankly that I think really drifts toward problems anyway, but if you make it all cash, you’ve highly increased the bad things that can happen,” Sen. Blunt said.

Missouri state officials have already announced medical marijuana cultivation and testing licenses.

We’ll learn which dispensaries were approved in January.

We also asked the Senator about the news that Missouri farmers will soon be able to grow hemp.

He says it could be good for farmers, but he has one concern.

“So many states and the federal government has made hemp legal, and then there’s really more supply than there is demand,” Sen. Blunt said.

Applications to grow hemp is available right now on the department of agriculture’s website.

Department officials are hosting meetings and workshops all over the state throughout January, for those interested in hemp production.