BRANSON, Mo. – A new attraction hopes to bring visitors to see the landscapes of the Ozarks and learn about its history.

On March 15th, PINK Adventure Tours will be opening its doors to the public. Each tour offers a 2-hour experience riding in a custom pink jeep on exclusive off-road trails towards Branson landmarks and natural ecosystems. A guide will drive and teach you all about the local history of the locations.

Currently, there are four tours: the downtown to mountaintop tour, lakes and landmarks tour, and sunset versions of those.

The pink theme came from founder, Don Pratt. He began selling land in the Arizona desert and owned an old Willy Jeep. Pratt would take people out to show off the properties he was trying to sell.

“Everybody turned into not buying properties. They love the Jeep tours he was giving them of the desert,” says PINK Adventure Tour Guide Chad Phillips. He says it was Pratt’s wife, Elsie, who convinced Don to paint the jeep pink to be memorable like the all-pink hotel, the Royal Hawaiian Resort.

PINK Adventure Tours began in 1960 in Sedona, Arizona. They have expanded to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Smoky Mountains, and now Branson.