SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield Police have installed security cameras on utility poles outside of True Empire nightclub in an effort to curb violence in the area.

Springfield City Council paid for the cameras back in 2018. SPD said the purchase was a part of the Zone 1 Blitz. Police said they received a high number of calls for service near the area of Scenic Avenue and Walnut Street.

“It’s obviously not the best side of town,” Neighbor Charles Wheeler said. “It has its problems, has its ups and downs. I try to try to keep to myself as much as possible.”

SPD said the most recent crime in that area was a homicide on August 12.

“I actually heard it happen,” Wheeler said. “I tend to come down and see what’s going on when I hear lights and sirens.”

The cameras have a live feed and are always recording. Neighbors hope it will keep criminals away. But, they aren’t sure if it will be enough.

“It just takes more than just cameras. Sometimes you need security guards,” Neighbor Jerold Juaire said.

“If somebody sees somebody something suspicious, have the audacity to to call and report it,” Wheeler said. “I mean, we’re all neighbors in this neighborhood. We all need to be able to protect each other.”

SPD does not plan on adding cameras in other parts of town.