NIXA, Mo. – School districts across Missouri have received last year’s state standardized testing results and are using the data to determine potential learning gaps.

The tests looked to help measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student learning loss.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education plans to release preliminary results from statewide assessments to the public next week.

Officials with Nixa Public Schools said they were anxious to receive the data.

NPS Executive Director of Curriculum Instruction, Dr. Josh Chastain, said the learning loss for the district wasn’t as severe as they thought it might be.

However, he said learning loss still exists. Chastain said they can use the results of the tests to find solutions.

“We know that in a classroom of 25 kids we’re gonna have students that are all over the place, but I’d rather know exactly what their needs are to support them, instead of just guessing,” Chastain said.

He said the district can better target certain areas based on the data.
“We know why and what to do about it,” Chastain said.

Chastain said the test results are always needed, but especially during the pandemic.

State education officials said the results weren’t used for state or federal accountability purposes.

Chastain said parents can expect to receive individual student scores from the district on Friday. He said other school districts also plan on sending this data out.