ROLLA, Mo.- Over the weekend, a 13-year-old Rolla boy was attacked and critically injured by a neighbor’s dog.

On Saturday, March 20, Noah was delivering cupcakes to his neighbor after his mother’s gender reveal party. Noah’s aunt, Tara Stone, said delivering cupcakes is just the type of kid Noah is.

“He decided he wanted to mow lawns last summer for money. He was very successful in doing that. But he noticed that the neighbor across the street was elderly, so he offered to mow that person’s lawn for free. I think that really speaks to his character,” said Stone.

While at the neighbor’s house, the pit bull attacked Noah, causing major injuries to his head, neck and face. He had substantial damage to the tissue on his face.

The muscle used to lift his upper lip is gone. His spit gland was also ripped out.

“It is going to be a very long road to recovery. Luckily no arteries were impacted. His voice box was exposed, but it wasn’t nicked or anything like that. So those are all good news considering the situation,” explains Stone.

Noah does have a long road to recovery in front of him.

On Monday, they will do a lengthy surgery to better understand what exactly the game plan is going forward. Stone set up a GoFundMe to help cover expenses for Noah. In two days, it has doubled the initial $15,000 goal.