BRANSON, Mo. — People in Branson and further south in northwest Arkansas are preparing to see the highest snow totals from a storm heading their way.

Road clearing crews said, this time around, they have their eyes on how to deal with the multiple inches of snow.

“Depending on the forecast, we’re hearing anywhere from five to nine inches,” said Branson Public Works Operations Manager Ben Stabo. “We’re prepared for whatever falls. It may just take us a little more time to get those roads opened up and cleared off.”

Stabo said that city crews aren’t out pre-treating roads just yet. They are taking Monday to get equipment prepared.

A new city winter weather road conditions map to be released Tuesday, Jan. 24, could come in handy, Stabo said. The map updates users on the conditions of Branson’s main roads. The information is updated on a 12-hour rotation, or more frequently if needed.

In Arkansas, officials with the Arkansas Department of Transportation said crews are already in “24/7 mode.”

“We spent yesterday planning, today we’re prepping the roads and tomorrow we’ll be plowing,” said Dave Parker with ArDOT. “We are currently pre-treating all of the major roads, highways, interstates, north, northwest, north-central parts of Arkansas.”

Parker said staff are aware this will be a major snow plowing event.

“Tuesday night we’ll have plenty of trucks out there, anticipating a long afternoon, evening on Tuesday,” said Parker.