SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Springfield campground offering unsheltered people a place to stay for the night in mini-trailers already has plans for expansion.

Doctor David Brown, The Gathering Tree’s Revive 66 co-founder, said these mini-trailers offer safety and more stable and secure place to sleep for the night.

“Springfield doesn’t have any overnight shelters, particularly after the cold weather,” said Brown.

Individuals are allowed to pay their $10 to get in around 7 p.m.

“People start lining up cause it’s kind of first come first serve,” said Brown. “People can come here and get in one of these. They can spend a safe night. They can lock it, so they don’t have to worry about their stuff being stolen. They’re isolated. They can take a shower. They can do laundry, which is huge. People on the street don’t have those kinds of amenities.”

There are currently only a dozen trailers available, but the plan is to eventually fill the lot.

“We’re going to put about 50 trailers in here,” said Brown.

Daniel Brewer, the runner of Revive 66 campground, says this is personal because he was once homeless himself.

“I used to be a homeless teenager,” said Brewer. “I used to go to The Gathering Tree back in the day to receive services and now I work with The Gathering Tree and I run Revive. It’s all about community out here. I have deep connections with this place. I’ve been homeless off an on, you know? I’ve dealt with mental health issues like many people on the streets have. I can connect with them on a whole other level.”

With the expected cold temperatures on April 20, Brown said that won’t change the way Revive 66 operates.