OZARK, Mo. — After struggling to find workers during the pandemic, a restaurant in Ozark has opened its workforce up to the older generation.

Rosie Jo’s Cafe in Ozark now has several older staff members, giving them a full staff for the first time in months.

Owner Rosemary Griffin said they struggled to find workers during the pandemic that would stay more than a few days.

“It was the first time in 20 years that we had to rethink how we were hiring and what we were doing,” Griffin said.

Griffin said some of her employees are like 81-year-old waitress Cora Jackson.

“You hire the younger ones sometimes and they just don’t wanna work that hard and so I like the older folks for the work ethic,” Griffin said.

She said customers seem to be okay with her staff regardless of their age.

Jackson said the dynamic of the old and young working together in the restaurant has been working well.

“We get along, we help each other,” Jackson said. “If this one needs help, or if that one needs help, we work together.”

Griffin said she encourages other restaurants struggling during the pandemic to give older workers a chance.