SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Rescue One visiting Ozarks First Daybreak for this week’s Pet Connection to talk about the importance of dog fosters in the Springfield area.

Rizolli, a 4-year-old Dane mix that is in boarding through Rescue One, is just one of many dogs that could benefit from people signing up to be fosters. She has to be in a single-dog or no-dog household because she gets excited, but she’s good with older kids.

“She’s a sweet girl, she’s just a big girl,” said Kaya, a foster with Rescue One. “She doesn’t always know that she’s a big girl.”

Rescue One currently has over 400 animals in its care. Kaya said that Rescue One is 100 percent foster-based, so they can’t take any more dogs until they get more fosters.

People who want to become fosters or adopt dogs can head to Rescue One Springfield to sign up.