REPUBLIC, Mo — A man named Christopher Manuel is sentenced to life in prison for fatally stabbing a man back in 2017. Manuel was also sentenced 20 years for his Armed Criminal Action charge during his sentencing on Friday (1-21-22).

A probable cause statement from 2017 says Manuel, 40, stabbed Bill Dauzat at least 11 times outside of Dauzat’s home.

A neighbor saw Manuel standing outside of the home and called the police. Law enforcement that night said in a statement they could overhear Dauzat yelling “Chris” over the phone.

Republic police got a warrant to Manuel’s home where they spoke to his roommate about where Manuel was during the stabbing. Surveillance footage from Walmart showed Manuel carrying a knife as well as cashing a check with his roommate.

Manuel will have to serve his sentences concurrently, meaning he will serve his 20 years and life sentence at the same time.