SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Multiple construction projects just completed or are underway to try to make the city of Springfield more pedestrian friendly.

City engineers said people call in all of the time with concerns about the lack of infrastructure for pedestrians in different locations.

“We take all of those concerns into consideration while we choose those projects,” said Grady Porter, with the City of Springfield Public Works Traffic Department. “We have limited funding, but we want to do it where we have the most need.”

Some of those projects are located in the downtown area.

Recently, construction wrapped up at the intersection of Jefferson and Elm.

“These are called curb extensions or bulb outs,” said Porter. “Basically, what we do is we extend the sidewalk into the street. It increases the visibility for pedestrians. It shortens the crossing distance for them.”

Porter said people can currently find construction on Pershing St., as the same type of improvements are currently underway.

On Phelps St., he said, the city is also testing out a new kind of method.

The crosswalk has in-road warning lights.

When pedestrians activate the push button, the pedestrian sign will start flashing, as well as a series of lights embedded into the pavement.

“That’s kind of a test project for us,” said Porter. “We’re going to see how they hold up. If it works well, we could implement it around the city from there.”

Local pedestrians said they are glad to see the city taking these steps.

“They care about the people and the citizens who are like me,” said pedestrian Tina Elwood. “Obviously, we cannot walk fast.”