SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Cleaning your chimney will remove any leftover debris from earlier uses and ensure that you do not have any carbon monoxide trapped that can cause chimney fires, also known as flue fires. 

Chimney fires can cause flue fires, which are caused by the dangerous and highly flammable remains that burnt fires leave behind in the chimney. 

The Springfield Fire Department says they get around eleven calls each year responding to these types of fires.  

“If you start having smoke coming back into your house out of your fireplace, instead of going up the chimney or potential sparks or flames coming out of the top of your chimney would all be signs that you need to have that and have that inspected,” says Jeff Prior with the Springfield Fire Department. If you want to get ahead of the fall rush of calls for chimneys  

Vernon Smith at Smitty’s Chimney Sweep says that the best time of year to get your chimney inspected and prepared for the winter is early in the summer, and sometimes as early as April.  

Smith also advises getting your chimney cleaned before needing to fire it up when we get a sudden blast of cold temperatures.