HICKORY COUNTY, Mo. – Two first responders are recovering after their fire truck overturned in Hickory County Saturday afternoon.

David Jared Bennett and John Sanchez were headed to a fire when the crash happened. Now the community is coming together to wish them a speedy recovery.

“It was very nerve-wracking,” said David’s brother Brian Bennett, one of the first responders to the scene of the accident. “It’s pretty tough to hear that, especially being your brother.”

Brian Bennett is also a firefighter in Preston and the older brother of David.

On Saturday, both brothers were responding to emergency calls when Brian says he received shocking news.

“I was actually looking for a fire here in town and they were headed towards another one. And with all the commotion on the radios and stuff, it wasn’t really until my dad called me and kind of explained the situation and then it was just real,” said Brian.

According to the highway patrol crash report, David Bennett, and John Sanchez, were driving their truck on Highway D two miles south of Preston.

David swerved to avoid another car but ended up crashing. When the truck overturned David was ejected from the car. He broke all but two ribs.

Both men were airlifted to Mercy Hospital where they received treatment for their injuries.
The local community and surrounding fire departments are coming together to send prayers to both the men and their families.

“All the prayers and good vibes and good wishes. And that’s pretty much what our community does, is every time something happens bad like this, we all get on Facebook and we’ll send prayers and the churches and everybody,” said community member Cheyenne Story.

“It’s definitely a camaraderie. I mean, we definitely had everybody show up. The whole community came together to help clean up the wreckage,” said Brian.

Brian said he is happy both his brother and Sanchez are recovering.

“Just keep him in your prayers, really. He’s doing good and he’s smiling and making jokes. So back to yourself,” said Brian.

Both first responders are expected to recover from their injuries.