POLK COUNTY, Mo. – A Polk County man has been charged with first-degree murder.

Timothy J. Stokes, a 42-year-old Humansville resident, has been charged with the death of his father.

According to the probable cause statement, Timothy J. Stokes called authorities around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 9, and reported a death in his home in Humansville.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office responded and discovered a 74-year-old man, Timothy D. Stokes, dead inside his home.

Timothy D. Stokes’ son, Timothy J. Stokes, said that he woke up a little after noon on Saturday and saw his father sleeping in his bedroom.

Timothy J. Stokes told authorities that he had checked on his father, placing a pillow beneath his head and a blanket over him. He said he checked his father’s vitals and rolled him onto his back.

Court documents show that deputies discovered blood in the house and sheetrock damage on a wall near a blood-soaked carpet.

Deputies say they also found clothes and boots covered in blood in Timothy J. Stokes’ bedroom. It was determined that the toe of one of the boots caused damage to the sheetrock in the hallway.

Investigators who searched the home said they found blood in the kitchen and in both bedrooms in the house.

Further inspection revealed a 2003 Chevy truck parked on the property with blood both on the inside of the cab and the outside of the driver’s side door, according to deputies.

The key to the truck was found in an area of the house that was not obvious, indicating to authorities that the person who had placed it there was familiar with the house.

Furthermore, there were no signs of forced entry to the house or burglary, court documents said.

At 8:00 p.m. Saturday Timothy J. Stokes was asked to come to the Sheriff’s Office for an interview, but Stokes refused. Deputies arrested him and took him to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office where he was uncooperative with jail staff.

He refused to let deputies or jail staff see his hands and kept them either in his pockets or behind his back, deputies said. Later, the arresting officer saw that Stokes had taped black electrical tape around his index fingers.

The felony complaint filed in this case accused Timothy J. Stokes of causing the death of Timothy D. Stokes by striking him.

Timothy J. Stokes is currently being held for charges of Murder in the First Degree with a $500,000 dollar bond.