SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Gamemaster on South Glenstone is hoping to find two people who broke into their store last week.

For Jerry Lathem, the owner of Gamemaster, his love for trading cards has been rooted since he got into the industry in April of 1985.

One week ago, two burglars broke into his beloved business and robbed it overnight.

“They broke all the glass out (door), completely. The top to the bottom. Just completely. Then the two of them, they sat here, and they were banging away at this glass and broke it,” Lathem says, placing his hand into the display case that is a bit emptier than it was.

“It kind of hurts losing something you can’t replace,” says Lathem.

The thieves went straight to a case of high dollar Pokémon cards, leading Lathem to believe they had been in the store before.

It was a quick smash and grab job, with one of the crooks coming back for a few more packs before leaving.

“It’s disappointing to think people would do that, but still, it’s a part of business. You try to do everything you can to keep things like that from happening,” Lathem explains.

A police report was filed. The store manager immediately shared the video, the list of stolen items on their Facebook page. It was also shared on numerous trading card pages in the area.

Now, other gaming stores are on the lookout.

Jeremy Bates, Manager of Meta Games Unlimited, says they work as a gaming community when things like this happen.

“It’s a crazy thing, Pokémon cards have had a huge resurgence lately, it is sold out everywhere,” Bates says. “We typically will have people get us a police report number, and then we keep that on file here if anything suspicious comes through we call and notify them like, ‘Hey, this is in reference to this case.'”

Gamemaster says the following items were stolen:

Lathem says a tip recently came in that could lead investigators to the identity of one of the two people who robbed the store.

If you have any information, call the Springfield Police right away.