BRANSON, Mo.– Plato’s Cave in Branson is trying to help local families impacted financially by COVID-19

They are providing an alternative to low-income housing while businesses are shut down, and people are out of work.

“We are having a number of folks who are living with roommates for argument’s sake who now choose to live by themselves because of the virus,” said Richard Rubin, Owner of Plato’s Cave. “To that end, what we’ve done is we’ve said we charging a two hundred dollar move-in fee for the first month. Half a month off their next rental. And then their full rental paid only month three. So for all those folks who’ve been furloughed, or are awaiting some form of federal funding or federal program. By all means, come live with us.”

Rubin believes his low-income apartments are important right now and says we will be seeing more housing like this everywhere.

Plato’s Cave is offering rooms for $200 for the first month. The first two months are discounted in hopes that in May, businesses will be open and jobs will be back.

The rent includes all utilities, including internet and cable. The gym and the pool are currently closed until further notice for health and safety reasons.

“I think given the current circumstances, it’s going to become extremely important especially privately funded programs like the one that we’re running here,” Rubin said. “I think it will become just that much more of a reality given the Covid-19 situation around the world. I think a lot of folks are going to be shopping down because they got affordability problems. And looking for a safe and secure place in which to live.”

Cherrie Segrist, a single mother and new tenant at Plato’s Cave, says living here is going to help a lot of families in the community during this difficult time.

“Especially right now with the coronavirus and stuff going around. It’s really helping a lot of the families out. We’re given the half off rent, that helped us,” said Segrist. “$200 move-in special, that helped us.”

Plato’s Cave is currently doing virtual tours for those looking to move to help keep social distancing.

Plato’s Cave currently has about 65 rooms available.

Rubin says he plans on opening around 60 more rooms in the next two weeks.