STONE COUNTY, Mo. — Sunday night storms caused damage in Stone County when high winds brought down a tree onto a home in Reeds Spring.

Emergency crews from the Stone County Fire Protection District responded to the home on August 13 and worked for over half an hour to rescue trapped residents.

The mayor of Reeds Spring, Rob Chamberlin, confirmed with OzarksFirst that his home was the one damaged in the storm and that he broke his neck during the storm. Chamberlin said he’s expected to be in a neck brace for the next six weeks.

Despite injuries, Chamberlin’s wife, Terri Arnold, said they’re still lucky.

“I walked out there and I just got right next to her and bam, I mean, you didn’t hear a crack. You didn’t hear anything,” Arnold said.

Chamberlin and Arnold were able to escape, with the adrenaline keeping them moving forward after being hit by the tree – so much so that they refused an ambulance ride to the hospital.

“There wasn’t enough room in the ambulance for all of us,” Chamberlin said. “So I said, well, I’ll drive myself, she said she’ll drive herself. And, and so we literally drove ourselves over to Cox in Branson and the adrenaline, you know, just took over.”

In addition to the broken neck, Chamberlin got 17 stitches in his head.

The house was a total loss, according to the fire protection district.