SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – As the summer sun blazes, it’s essential for pet owners to be aware of their animals’ well-being. 

Vets advise owners on what signs to look out for in order to prevent heat-related illnesses in their pets.

At Glenstone Veterinarian Clinic, Dr. Lea has seen firsthand the consequences of leaving pets exposed to excessive heat.

“Signs of hyperthermia would include disorientation, lethargy, weakness, stumbling drunk-like behavior, acting like they just can’t keep going if anyone ever saw anything like that.”

Young, overweight, and elderly pets and animals with thick or dark-colored fur are among the pets most at risk for overheating.

“The most common time we see is actually the beginning of summer before animals acclimate to the heat. But yes, I certainly see it all summer long,” says Dr.Lea.

Understanding how to protect our pets during the summer is crucial. 

“Avoid leaving them in the car or exercising excessively during this heat. Try to walk them in the morning or in the evening,” says Dr.Lea.