SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – With the deadly wildfires in Hawaii continuing on their path of destruction, local organizations are sending volunteers to Maui.

Friday, Aug. 11 is day one for volunteers from Convoy of Hope and the American Red Cross of Southern Missouri.

“It’s really a tragic situation, something that the islands have not seen in a very long time,” said Stacy Burks with the Red Cross, “And so we want to do what we can to bring help, hope and help them be able to begin recovery when it’s time.”

Convoy of Hope is sending another team to Maui over the weekend.

“We’re giving people the supplies that they need,” said Ethan Forhetz with Convoy of Hope. “They need the basics. They need food, they need hygiene kits, they need baby supplies. They’re running out of diapers, things like that. Just to be able to get through today, get into tomorrow and hope that tomorrow is going to be a better day.”

How these organizations respond to the Hawaii wildfires is slightly different than how they would normally respond, treating this disaster like an international recovery effort.

“This is a literal island, long way off, so it’s more difficult to be able to get supply there,” said Forhetz.

For those unable to volunteer, both the Red Cross and Convoy of Hope say the best way to help is by donations.

“It makes much more sense to provide financial support to organizations like the Red Cross and others who are responding in Hawaii because they can multiply that dollar donation,” Burks said.

“If you go by a case of water, think about how much it would cost for you to ship that to Maui,” Forhetz said. “We already have all of that in place. So we’re able to take. And for what you would pay for one case of water, we could buy five cases of water and get it where it’s needed.”

If you have a loved one in Hawaii that you cannot get in touch with, the Red Cross is working to connect those in the States to family members. You can call 1-800-REDCROSS and choose option 4.

To donate to the Red Cross, click here.