OZARK, Mo. — It’s that time of year when scams appear to be on the rise.

Often times seniors are targeted. We talked to one man who wanted to warn others, don’t get duped!

84-year-old Ray Daughtery of Ozark got scammed this week.

He saw a story about getting unclaimed money from the State Treasure’s Office.

He says he tried to go to the state treasure’s office website showmemoney.com but ended up on another website.

He called the 1-800-number of that website. She said he had to pay a fee to process his claim. So he gave his credit card number to them. KOLR 10 news called the 1-800-number and spoke with a woman who claimed they were a legitimate operation and were backed by the Better Business Bureau.

We found out the BBB does not accredit them.

“She asked my address is and they knew my wife’s name and three of my daughters so I thought well maybe this thing is legit,” Daughtery said. “And then she talked and talked and finally she said it will be $34.95 if you want us to pursue this.

The State Treasurer’s Office says 1/10 Missourians have unclaimed property and the average return is about $300.

For those wanting to know if they have unclaimed funds the office says you can search the claim online at showmemoney.com.

They also warn the Treasure’s Office does not charge to return unclaimed property.

Daughtery said his credit card company will refute the charge for him.