OZARK, Mo. — A second campus of Ozark High School is set to open in the fall, and the district’s model of education will be changing.

The Ozark Innovation Center is scheduled to open in August 2022. A news release announcing the new campus and strategy says the Academy model of education will, “ensure students feel connected with other students and teachers within their academic program in addition to their activities.”

Ozark High School’s Principal Jeremy Brownfield said in the release, “The Academies are not taking anything away from what OHS currently has to offer. We are organizing our existing programs and adding additional opportunities for our students.”

The new model will allow Ozark High School students to choose from six Academies based on their interests, talents, and plans after high school:

  • Health Sciences
  • Industrial and Engineering Technology
  • Human Services
  • Natural Resources and Agriculture
  • Business and Computer Technology
  • Arts and Communication

The Academy experience begins when students enter Ozark High School as freshmen. Students will take an exploration class to learn about the Academies and choose which one they want to pursue. Courses continue through sophomore and junior year before seniors apply what they have learned with a capstone experience.

Craig Carson, Ozark’s Assistant Superintendent of Learning says the senior year capstone will give students real-world experience before graduation.

Ozark High School has posted more information and a video about the Adameny learning model on the district’s website.