OZARK, Mo – An Ozark High School sophomore created a mural that could help the community more than just decorating it.

The mural is called the “Butterfly Effect”. Victoria Lovett chose to make the mural as a year-long National Honors Society project.

“I wanted to do something that encouraged community involvement and giving to charity,” says Lovett.

The Butterfly Effect actually comes from an artist named Tasha Wahl. Her idea was to use interactive art and social media to help philanthropists see their visions come true.

Lovett uses this concept to help her community. She hopes to encourage businesses to trade a number of photo posts for charitable donations or services and to encourage the community to take photos in front of the butterfly to show support. Her idea can be used as a means of fundraising, charity work, and advertisement all through social media.

“Right now the OC needs trash cans, so I’m looking for a sponsor.” She is in talks with local hardware stores to come up with a fair number of posts to receive trashcans.

To participate, go to the northern side of the baseball concession stand near Finley River Park. Take a photo of yourself in front of the butterfly and post it to your social media with the hashtags #butterflyeffect, #socialbutterfly, and #ozarkbutterfly.