OZARK COUNTY, Mo.– The Ozark County Sheriff announced on Thursday until further notice the office would no longer respond to anything but “violent Misdemeanor and Felony crimes.”

This comes as part of an Emergency Order issued by Sheriff Cass Martin, who said in a release of the order this change is a necessity in order to stay within the current budget amidst the current state of the economy.

“As of today, we will not be seeking traffic violations,” Martin said in the release. “This Order will stay in effect until such a time as the emergency of funding for fuel, all service and goods come to a reasonable rate so that we may stay within the confines of our current budget.”

In the release, the Sheriff’s Office said any crime that isn’t a violent misdemeanor or felony would be taken care of via over the phone or by walk-in.

Martin closed the release by saying issuing the order did not come lightly and he will work diligently to find a remedy.

Towns impacted by this order include Gainesville, Rockbridge and Theodosia.